The new community building on the Village Square will be a focal point for local residents. It is the most important new community building in the masterplan and contains a mix of uses.

Visualisation of the new library

Roehampton Library

The new Roehampton Library is an opportunity to re-think what it can offer local residents. As well as offering traditional public lending and reference collections, the library will cater for a wider range of opening hours and activities.

Visualisation of the lobby

The new library will include:

  • A flexible entrance hall that can host a variety of community events - from exhibitions to food tastings - as well as a cafe area spilling out onto the Village Square.
  • Areas for community and voluntary groups to meet and provide information and advice.
  • Quiet study areas for all ages, with informal meeting booths and group working spaces.
  • A ground floor children’s library, near to the Village Square playspace
  • General information and communication technology (ICT) area
  • An opportunity for a temporary art space in the entrance hall.

An illustrative view of the new community centre from Hersham Close

Health Centre

To the southern end of the community building will be a modern health facility with direct access from Holybourne Avenue and Hersham Close. It will provide space for a minimum of three GPs, with further space available to expand to six GPs. The building will also have affordable housing above it - located around a central landscaped courtyard.

BASE Youth Club

  • Informal space for socialising, relaxing and meeting friends
  • Spaces for group and individual study, as well as to meet BASE mentors
  • A media room incorporating music and film facilities
  • Flexible spaces for advice and support workshops
  • A kitchen area for cooking sessions
  • Direct access to the community hall and library ICT facilities

Community Hall

The community hall within the building has been designed to accommodate a range of activities – including dance and fitness classes, community events and meetings. It can be sub-divided and accommodates up to 120 seated people. With this, it features its own welfare and storage facilities allowing it to operate independently.

The hall is accessible directly from the library as well as via a dedicated entrance at the building’s southern end, enabling the hall be used independently, outside of the library’s opening hours. This additional entrance is located on the route from Alton East and helps to creates activity on all sides of the building, not only the main frontage on the Village Square.

A new community hall provides a flexible event area for local groups. The building will also provide safe and inspiring spaces to rehouse BASE Youth Club.