Outdoor Activities and Playspace

Opportunities for outdoor activity, exercise and play will be offered by natural play spaces at the top of Downshire Field. A refurbished Alton Activity Centre will cater for young people of all ages. 

Downshire Field Meadow Play Space

Downshire Field

  • The central parkland landscape of Downshire Field will continue to serve as a quiet and attractive open space, improved by the relocation of the bus turnaround to a more discrete location.
  • Alongside the retained mature trees, parkland features will include wildflower meadows, picnic tables, encourage biodiversity and amenity features including a 1km running, walking and cycle loop.
  • Situated at the top of Downshire Field, Downshire Meadows play space will be transformed into a play area with natural materials that respond to its parkland setting.
  • The play space will provide exploration, discovery and imaginative play for children from 0-11 years.

Alton Activity Centre

Alton Activity Centre

  • The renewed Alton Activity Centre aims to attract young people from the estate and across the Roehampton area.
  • Soft landscaping will be used to frame play zones with different textures, colours and heights.
  • A half MUGA court (mixed-use games area) will cater for informal and programmed sports activities and a stage for performance.
  • A grow garden adjacent will promote health and wellbeing and educate young people in food production.