New Homes

We don't believe in a 'cookie cutter' approach to building design. Each building has been designed to have an individual character, with unique materials, entrances and art providing personality and variety.

Danebury Avenue

Residents Offer

Wandsworth Council is committed to ensuring that residents living in the regeneration area are able to remain part of their community. All secure council tenants are being offered a secure council tenancy and new home on the Alton estate. All resident leaseholders and freeholders are being offered the opportunity to purchase a new home on the estate, through a shared equity scheme.

The council is implementing a one move offer for existing residents. This means that, where possible, tenants, resident leaseholders and freeholders will be able to move directly from their current property into their newly-built home.

The needs of residents have been assessed and considered to ensure, before they move, that their new homes will meet these needs. The Masterplan has been carefully prepared for phased construction allowing this one move offer to be carried out.

New homes

  • New housing will widen housing choice and meet modern design and building quality standards.
  • Up to 1,108 new homes will be provided to contribute towards meeting the borough’s housing needs.
  • A range of housing choices will be offered, in terms of size, type and tenure including replacement and new affordable housing.
  • Homes are designed to meet or exceed modern space standards and design quality guidance, with efficient, practical layouts and appropriate ceiling heights.
  • Homes will be built and finished to meet modern building standards, to ensure they are safe, well insulated and energy-efficient.
  • Wheelchair adaptable and accessible homes will be provided, and all homes are designed for flexible long-term use.