The Neighbourhood

We don’t want to lose the essence of what makes the Alton Estate unique. The Masterplan draws on the existing character of the area, to strengthen, and not replace its existing qualities. 

Children look at the regeneration plans

Key benefits of the masterplan

Our plans have been guided by what's best for local people from the outset. Here are some of the ways the regeneration of the Alton will benefit the community.

Roehampton Library


The new community building on the Village Square will be a focal point for local residents. It is the most important new community building in the masterplan and contains a mix of uses.

The retail parade

Retail Parade

A new retail parade will offer revitalised shopping on the estate, alongside other business spaces.

Portswood Place

Portswood Place

A new community hub at Portswood Place will bring greater activity and purpose to the heart of Alton West. It will stimulate the green spaces of nearby Downshire Field.

Village Square events space

Village Square

This new focal point for community interaction, recreation and engagement sits at the centrepoint of the broader masterplan. It will draw residents from Alton West, Alton East and Roehampton - reconnecting these currently separated neighbourhoods.

Downshire Field Meadow Play Space

Outdoor Activities and Playspace

Opportunities for outdoor activity, exercise and play will be offered by natural play spaces at the top of Downshire Field. A refurbished Alton Activity Centre will cater for young people of all ages.

Block Q

New Homes

We don't believe in a 'cookie cutter' approach to building design. Each building has been designed to have an individual character, with unique materials, entrances and art providing personality and variety.

Residential courtyard

Streets and Shared Space

Enhancing the landscape and public realm is a fundamental part of the regeneration. The new streetscape will create tree-lined links between the Urban Quarter and the Parkland Quarter.