Proposed Scheme Amendments

Local residents, the Greater London Authority (GLA), Transport for London (TfL) and other organisations and individuals have commented on the planning application submitted by Redrow Homes in June 2019. In response to this feedback, amendments are proposed alongside additional information to support the planning application.

Redrow Homes has submitted revised drawings and new documents to detail the changes and support the planning application. All new documents should be read alongside the reports and statements, submitted with the original planning application.

Housing Choice


The revised plans propose to change the number and type of new homes. More replacement homes are proposed in the earlier phases of development, more homes will be available for social rent and the number of shared ownership units has also increased. There will be more floorspace available for council tenants on the Alton Green site (47% more) because the new homes are sized to meet tenant needs.


  • Up to 1,108 homes in total (up from 1,103)
  • 261 council homes (up from 256)
    • 201 homes for social rent (up from 188)
    • 29 shared equity homes (decreased from 45)
    • 31 shared ownership homes (up from 23)

More information about housing choice and an indicative rehousing programme is available in the Affordable Housing Statement Addendum and Revised Decant Strategy associated with hybrid planning application reference: 2019/2516.

Greener Streets


New and replacement tree and shrub planting along streets will create a greener, cleaner, softer and safer environment for everyone who uses them.

Plans to realign Harbridge Avenue and provide a new avenue of trees have changed. The revised application proposes to retain the existing road alignment and 29 existing trees along the Avenue, many of which are lime trees.

To read how the proposals will enhance the landscape and create greener streets, please refer to Section 2 of the DAS Addendum associated with hybrid planning application reference: 2019/2516. Additional information about trees and new planting can also be found in the Arboricultural Addendum which forms part of the Environmental Statement Addendum.

Easing Access


One of the key objectives of the regeneration project has always been to make the estate more accessible and better connected with the surrounding areas. Recent changes to the plans to improve accessibility include:

  • A review of all entry points to the new homes and community facilities in Block A
  • Further improvements to accessible routes through the site, with steps, ramps, handrails and seated rest areas
  • Provision of shared access routes to courtyards and play space between blocks O and N, for all households in these blocks
  • Review of levels and connections to allow for the retention of trees on Harbridge Avenue
  • Minor rearrangement of the Danebury Avenue and Roehampton Lane junction following consultation with TfL
  • Alterations to the internal layout of blocks to make them more accessible and ease waste collection
  • Further adjustments have been made to the internal layouts of Blocks A, K, M, O and N to improve accessibility and waste collection arrangements.
  • Revised landscaping plans for the green, stepped and sloped access routes between:
    • Harbridge Avenue and Danebury Avenue
    • Laverstoke Gardens and Danebury Avenue
    • Hersham Close and Holybourne Avenue
    • Roehampton Lane and Block M

Detailed information about the accessibility of the scheme can be found in the Access Statement, which has been submitted alongside the amended plans and reports. The statement demonstrates that the scheme designs have followed an inclusive design approach.

Energy Efficiency


In response to the latest lean, clean and green requirements of the London Plan, a new energy strategy has been prepared.

  • The previously proposed gas energy system has been replaced with a more carbon efficient electrically-led system.
  • A new plant and equipment enclosure will be provided on the roof of Block N.
  • Energy demands will be reduced by new buildings that are more efficient than those they replace.
  • The development will make the most of daylight and sunlight but also considers how resident comfort, in terms of overheating and noise, can be managed.
  • A key objective is to keep carbon emissions and heating costs as low as possible.
  • Solar (PV) panels will be provided across all blocks to generate electricity on-site.

More detailed information can be found in the technical appendices contained in Volume 2 of the Environmental Statement Addendum associated with hybrid planning application reference: 2019/2516. A Revised Energy Strategy, Circular Economy Statement and Whole Life Cycle Carbon Emissions Assessment have been submitted in support of the application.

Bus turnaround area


In response to feedback provided from local residents and TfL, a bus driver toilet facility is now proposed close to the bus turnaround area. The design of this modest facility has been specified by TfL and will be positioned carefully in the landscape so that it is not prominent. The existing eastbound bus stop, next to the junction of Danebury Avenue and Minstead Gardens, will be retained for the use of nearby residents.

You can find more information about proposals for the bus turnaround area in Section 3 of the DAS Addendum associated with hybrid planning application reference: 2019/2516.