Working with the community

Since 2012, a large amount of time has been dedicated to meeting residents, local groups, management teams and community leaders, to collect views on the emerging designs. Exhibitions and workshops have focussed on every aspect of the masterplan - from housing, landscape, transport and each of the community facilities. We have incorporated, wherever possible, the views of residents and members of the community, and the proposals have hugely benefited from that input. 

Our engagement with the community will continue throughout the regeneration process. An inclusive and ambitious engagement strategy is embedded at the heart of the regeneration to increase opportunities for enjoyment, improve quality of life and enhance wellbeing for everyone. The strategy reflects the specific context of the area, celebrates heritage and represents the rich diversity of its local communities and residents. The engagement action plan is constantly evolving in response to feedback as local residents are invited to carry on giving their opinions on how the Alton can improve and what it will offer in the future.