The Need for Change

Throughout the regeneration it is important to preserve and celebrate the best parts of the estate, from the modernist housing to the Georgian homes set in historic parkland. 

The Alton masterplan has been inspired by the history of the Alton Estate and the needs and aspirations of its current and future residents. Through collaboration we want to ensure that the regeneration becomes a successful and exciting new phase in the Estate’s history. 

The Alton Estate's heritage will be preserved by retaining the character of its setting while upgrading features - pathways, street furniture, playspace, and so on. Views of important buildings like Mount Clare will be retained and improved where possible. Designs for new buildings are inspired by their existing context, taking on inspiration for materials from the modernist buildings of the Alton West and the Victorian streetscape of Roehampton Village. 

The wider proposals include sensitive improvements to the listed bungalows on Minstead Gardens. This is subject to a separate but co-ordinated planning submission. The bungalows provide incredibly important sheltered accommodation for older residents, who have been closely involved in planning the improvements to ensure that the homes will now be perfectly suited to their needs.