Panel of Art

Disused window panels are being put to creative use by local artists and schools to create a pop-up art gallery on Danebury Avenue. The large window panels were destined for landfill until they were donated by one of Wandsworth Council's major works contractors. Estate Art are curating the Panel of Art exhibition with support from the Community Engagement & Cultural Co-ordinator Jo Baxter and the Alton regeneration team.

Jo Baxter explains: "More than 20 large window panels were donated to Lynne, the founder of Estate Art, and she is priming them and distributing them to professional artists, amateur art enthusiasts and schools to create pictures that will feature in the pop-up gallery."  

Hoardings are being put in place around the old Co-op and chemist's at the entrance to Danebury Avenue, which are currently empty. The hoardings will be painted white to take on the appearance of a gallery wall. The panels produced for Estate Art will then be professionally and securely hung on the hoarding to provide a massive outdoor gallery. Panel of Art will be available for everyone to enjoy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The gallery will remain in situ for an estimated six months. Opening day will be 5 July 2021, to coincide with the start of Roehampton Community Week. There is a concert planned to celebrate the opening.