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Now that Redrow has submitted a planning application, all comments about the regeneration should be directed to Wandsworth Council's Planning Service. All the documents associated with the application are downloadable from the Regeneration page of this website.

Details of the application, Environmental Statement, plans and other documents submitted with the application are also available to view online at by entering the reference number 2019/2516 in the Planning Quick Search. To view documents of the application including any drawings, please select "View Associated Application Documents & Make Online Comments for Live Applications".

If you wish to comment on this planning application, you can:

Submit your comments online at; or

Write to the Planning Service by email to [email protected]; or

Write to the Planning Service by letter at the following address:
Planning Service
Environment and Community Services Department
Town Hall Wandsworth
High Street
SW18 2PU

Comments should be submitted by 7 August 2020 quoting the application reference number: 2019/2516.

Any comments received later than this date will still be considered whilst the Local Planning Authority is assessing the planning application.

Comments should include your name and address, the application number and the site address in any correspondence (including e-mail). You do not have to provide your telephone number or email address. Please do not include this information (including on the online form) if you do not want it to be published on our website. If you are sending a letter, it is advisable not to sign it if you do not want your signature to appear on the website. If you choose to comment by sending us an email, then to avoid your email address also appearing on this website, send your comments as an attachment to the email. The Council encourages comments to be made by email or the website, both of which will be automatically acknowledged electronically. There will be no acknowledgement to letters, however all comments will be available for public viewing on the Council’s website within 3 working days of receipt.

How you can find out more

If you would like more information or wish to discuss the application please contact:

Janet Ferguson

Phone: (020) 8871 7959

Due to the high volume of comments received, the Planning Service is unable to enter into written correspondence. The final decision of the Council will be available online.

If you wish to contact the project team directly, please:

Phone: 020 7397 5212

Email: [email protected]

Post: FREEPOST ALTON ESTATE REGEN. (No stamp or further address info required.)


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